Zozobra & the Rose Bowl

The Fiesta de Santa Fe themed float won first prize at the Rose Bowl in 1950.

This Fiesta de Santa Fe–themed float was the prize-winning float at the 1950 Rose Bowl Parade. The float was designed in the shape of Zozobra by its creator, Will Shuster. It was decorated with more than a million flowers, with New Mexio’s Zia symbol bringing up the rear. Fiesta Queen Anita Romero and historian Fray Angélico Chávez rode in the parade, along with De Vargas and hoop dancers from Taos Pueblo. The head of the float had rolling eyes and a working jaw, smoke and groans coming from its mouth. The image was an exact replica of the Zozobra puppet featured at the annual Santa Fe Fiesta.

The Pet Parade

Donna and Donald Clausor in the Fiesta de Santa Fe Pet Parade in the 1940s.

The Pet Parade at the Santa Fe Fiesta has become one of the most beloved events during the three-day festival. Due to the Covid pandemic, there will not be any parades for this year’s Fiesta de Santa Fe.

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