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Las Comidas de los Abuelos

Editor – Ana Pacheco

Las Comidas de los Abuelos (The Foods of Our Grandparents) features 490 authentic recipes from a bygone era in New Mexico when the time and preparation of food made all the difference in the quality of the meals enjoyed by generations of families.

Pages: 128


Las Comidas de los Abuelos (The Foods of Our Grandparents) is a compilation of 490 Mexican, Spanish and Native American recipes dating back to the first 1598 European settlement in New Mexico. Every cook has a preferred method of preparing traditional chile dishes, so many variations are included. All of the recipes have been passed down through generations of Hispanic families that have lived in New Mexico for centuries. Recipes included:

red chile, green chile, albondigas, atole, beef tongue, lengua, bizcochitos, bunuelos, burrinates, cabrito, calabacitas, carne adovada, carne seca, chaquegue, chicharrones, chiles rellenos, chile verde, capriotada, costillas, chicos, empanadas, flan, guacamole, matanza, haba soup, menudo, tripe, blue corn tortillas, sopaipillas, sweet breads, tamales, torta de huevo,tuetano, verdolagas, posole, torrejas, frijoles, pinto beans, panocha, paella, quelites, queso blanco, verdolagas, pipian, pasteles, torta de huevo, lenten foods, natillas, chile caribe, chile verde, tacos, red chile pork tamales, chokecherry jelly, chile con queso, taquitos, enchiladas, arroz con leche, sweet rice, chiles rellenos, chicken tacos, bean dip, costillas, lamb ribs, four tortillas, corn tortillas, fried bread, cafe con leche, empanaditas, santa fe recipes, northern new mexico recipes, sesos, fried brains, queso