Guadalupe Barbershop A Family Affair

Henry Garcia with his son Arthur in 1950.

Arthur Garcia learned the art of barbering from his father Henry Garcia. In 1950 he went to work for his father at their first location on De Vargas Street. In 1960 the business moved to Guadalupe Street. Today, the business has been at its current location on Aztec Street, since 1979. Henry Garcia died in 1983 and Arthur died in 2014. Art’s youngest daughter, Michelle, took over the family business following his death.

Michelle Lahargouge and Arthur Garcia in 2012.

Three Generations of Service in Santa Fe

Michelle Lahargoue has continued to grow the family business. Since her father’s death, she’s managed to fit in all of Art’s clients into her busy schedule. The Guadalupe Barbershop was closed for several months during the Covid-19 pandemic but is up and running again utilizing the safety precautions put in place by the state of New Mexico. Michelle works alone now. When she hears the bells ring at the Santuario of Guadalupe up the street she feels the presence of her father and grandfather while she cuts hair at the family’s Guadalupe Barbershop.

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