Capilla of Santa Ines

The capilla of Santa Ines del Campo on Santa Fe’s north side.

Hispanic Catholics will often designate a special corner of their house with an altar. The setting will include the veneration for favorite saints and symbols of God. They will often build a structure near the house known as a capilla, a small private chapel.

Santa Ines del Campo.

Santa Ines on San Acacio Street

At least two capillas exist in Santa Fe. There’s one on Cerro Gordo Road dedicated to San Isidro. The small chapel was built by the Lopez family during the 20th century to honor the patron saint of farmers. The second capilla was dedicated to Santa Ines del Campo. The chapel was built by the Rodriguez family on San Acacio Street. St. Agnes was the patron saint of the country folk who worked the fields for survival.

19th Century History Century

In 1863 the Rodriguez family erected the Capilla de Santa Ines del Campo. Unfortunately, the capilla burned to the ground in 1900. It was rebuilt between 1930 and 1940. The feast day for St. Agnes is celebrated on January 21. In Santa Fe her feast day is celebrated on August 5 in order to avoid the rigors of winter. Every summer on this day the faithful gather on San Acacio Street to honor Santa Ines at her capilla.

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