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When I was growing up here back in the late 1960s Santa Fe, Taos and Boulder were known as the “Three Sister Cities of Cosmic Consciousness.” Santa Fe has changed a lot since the time of the hippies but many of the same like-minded people continue to be drawn to the city. Whether you’re interested in working out, meditating, or more intellectual pursuits, you’ll find your niche here in Santa Fe.

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Santa Fe, which means the City of Holy Faith in Spanish, is steeped in spirituality. In 2016 I wrote, The History of Spirituality in Santa Fe. It’s the first and only book every published that highlights all aspects of spirituality in Santa Fe and the surrounding areas. Everyone I interviewed for that book, whether it was the Baptists, Buddhists or New-Agers, when asked why they were drawn to Santa Fe they all said that it was because of the city’s mountain vortex. To learn more about the plethora of spirituality in Santa Fe read my book:

Ana Pacheco at right, third person attending a retreat in Santa Fe sponsored by Thubten Norbu Ling Tibetan Buddhist Center.

Here’s a list of some the major religious groups located in the Santa Fe for a complete list please refer to my book.

Where to Worship