People on the World’s Stage Visit Santa Fe

Teddy Roosevelt visited Santa Fe in 1903, and a special ceremony was held on the Plaza. Roosevelt served as the U.S. president from 1901 to 1909.

Roosevelt’s Rough Riders

Teddy Roosevelt was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1898. He left that post to organize the 1st Volunteer Army Calvary, that became known as “the Rough Riders.” This diverse group of men comprised Native Americans, cowboys, miners, gamblers, military veterans, and police officers. Their mission was to fight against Spain over dominance in Cuba. The group chosen came from the Southwest in the belief that they would be more acclimated to the hot weather in Cuba.

Santa Fe Plaza & Chaco Canyon

The famed aviator Charles A. Lindbergh visited Santa Fe in 1927, the same year that he made the first solo transatlantic flight from New York to Paris in his plane, The Spirit of St. Louis. In 1929 he took aerial photographs of Chaco Canyon and other important archaeological sites of the Southwest.

Royalty Comes to the Royal City

Queen Frederica of Greece visited Santa Fe in after WWII with her daughter, Princess Sophia. In 1962 the princess married her third cousin, Juan Carlos of Spain. In 1975 he became the king of Spain and she became Queen Sofía, changing the spelling of her name to the Spanish version.

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