No One Could Forget The Train Wreck of 33’in Quay County

The Tucumcari train wreck of 1933 killed 12 and injured 45.

One of the most severe rainstorms in the history of Quay County, N.M occurred on August 28, 1933. Within several hours more than two and a half inches of rain were recorded. That evening flash floods caused engine problems for a Golden State Limited westbound train. The train derailed and plunged into the river when the bridge collapsed. It was the worst train wreck that the community of Tucumcari ever experienced. Twelve people were killed in the crash and more than 45 sustained injuries.

Remnants of Disaster

The years following the crash people found trinkets, feathers, jewelry and combs in the immediate area of the train wreck. Many believed that these items were remnants from the disaster that had floated up from beneath the riverbed. The townsfolk also believed that the souls of those who perished that day were now apparitions and wandered in the vicinity. Some people claimed to have seen the ghosts of men, women and children in the area. No one knows for sure if they were the lost spirits. But their presence was a constant reminder of the worst train wreck that ever happened in Quay county.

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