Images of America: Pueblos of New Mexico Editor - Ana Pacheco

Pueblos of New Mexico 1866-1925 As early as 1851, photographers journeyed along the arduous Santa Fe Trail on horseback and covered wagons in their quest to capture the magnificent vistas on film. In the ever-changing light of New Mexico’s landscape, they photographed the faces of the Pueblo People and helped document their ancient unimaginable world. They became witness to millennia of history.

New Mexico’s first inhabitants are believed to have descended from the Anasazi, the largely nomadic group that settled along the Colorado Plateau around 200 AD. Most likely, drought conditions brought the population centers of the Anasazi villages located in the Four Corners of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico to settle along the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico and the Mogollon Rim of Arizona in 1300 AD.

Photographs of the Pueblos of New Mexico dating back to 1866, provided courtesy of the Museum of New Mexico, offer a window into an ancient past that remains vibrant today. Sixty-two images by Edward S. Curtis are featured, as well as photographs by Ben Wittick, Jesse Nusbaum, Adam C. Vroman, Nicolas Brown, T. Harmon Parkhurst, Charles F. Lummis, George C. Bennett, John K. Hillers, Karl Moon and Mathilda Cox Stephenson.  

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