Only in New Mexico

Only in New Mexico will you find Paleoamerican culture. Dating back 11,000 years, America’s prehistoric culture was discovered near Clovis in the 1930s. Speaking of prehistoric times, the coelophysis is the state’s official fossil. The small dinosaur weighed around 50 pounds and was about nine feet long when it traipsed around the state.

Birds, Balloons, Cookies & Chile

The tarantula hawk is the official state insect of New Mexico. The roadrunner is the official state bird and the hot air balloon is its official state aircraft. The bizcochito is the official state cookie. The yucca is the state’s official flower. And only in New Mexico is the official state question “Red or green?”

Symbol for New Mexico

New Mexico’s simple flag, with a red Zia symbol on a yellow field, is one of only four flags in the country that does not contain the color blue. The other three are California, Alabama and Maryland. New Mexico is the only state in the union that has 19 distinct Indian Pueblos.

Surrounding the Duke City

Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest city, is bordered on every side by Indian, federal and other public lands. To the north is Sandia Pueblo. The Cibola National Forest is located east of the city, along with the Sandia Mountains. Isleta Pueblo is on the south side of Albuquerque. Out west you’ll find the Petroglyph National Monument. These barriers help to prevent the never-ending urban sprawl that has occurred in many cities in the west.

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