Nina Otero-Warren Public Celebration

Nina Otero-Warren

Tomorrow, September 18th from 10:00 until 5:00, the New Mexico History Museum will celebrate the legacy of Nina Otero-Warren. New Mexico’s very own Hispanic suffragette, champion of education, and advocate for cultural preservation, will be honored. There will be a series of historical presentations and special activities. Entertainment will be featured at the museum from 11:00 to 4:00.

Commemoration Quarter

A new quarter honoring Otero-Warren recently entered the mainstream. The Nina Otero-Warren Quarter is the fourth coin in the American Women’s Quarter Program. Otero-Warren was the first woman to be superintendent of Santa Fe public schools. Last year in 2021, the community honored her part in the centennial celebration of the women’s suffragette movement. Otero-Warren asssited Susan B. Anthony right here in her home state. There’s an Otero Community School on the southside of Santa Fe that honors her legacy.

Adelina “Nina” Otero Warren 1881 – 1965

Otero-Warren led New Mexico’s suffrage movement helping to pass the Susan B. Anthony 19th amendment giving women the right to vote in 1921. She served in government and educational roles throughout her life. She was the author of Old Spain in Our Southwest, which provided a view of Hispanic culture as it adapted to life under an American government.

-Warren 1881

Adelina “Nina” Otero-Warren 1881-1965

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