Ghost Bikes

A Ghost Bike on Route 599 South in Santa Fe.

The increase of bicyclists on the road has led to the deaths of several people killed by motorists. The term Ghost Bikes is a dedicated remembrance to the fallen cyclist. The Ghost Bike features a full-frame white replica of a bicycle. Making this type of memorial highly visible on the highway. The bike frame includes information about the person with personal objects adorning the bike frame. The city council in Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest city, passed legislation making it illegal to desecrate, deface, destroy or remove Ghost Bikes.

Four Centuries Honoring the Dead

The four hundred year-old tradition of New Mexico’s roadside memorials are a part of state legislation. In 2007 the New Mexico State Legislature passed the law, which states, “Descansos are a memorial, placed alongside a public road right of way to memorialize the death of one or more persons. Therefore, it’s illegal to remove or desecrate a Descanso.” In the event that roadside work is needed in an area of a roadside memorial the highway department will carefully remove the descanso and replace it once the work is completed.

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