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Welcome to Santa Fe 101!

Welcome to Santa Fe, my hometown since 1692! For the last 328 years Santa Fe has been home to my family. This is where I grew up, I raised my two children here and this is where my parents are buried. In addition to being a mother and daughter, I’m also the author of eight books on Santa Fe and New Mexico, a historian, tour guide and a former driver for Uber and Lyft. In fact, the genesis of Santa Fe 101 came about in the form of market research during my work as a ride share driver. Visitors were always asking for suggestions on where to eat, what to see and where to shop. As a driver I also learned about the pitfalls and things to avoid while visiting.

Unlike other travel guides, Santa Fe 101 is free of advertising, all listings have equal representation. Best of all, the fifty-page guide features more than 900 internet links of things to do – from 185 restaurants to outdoor and cultural activities and even metaphysical and spiritual pursuits in and around Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. All of the organizations listed are broken down by category and location which will help you make better use of your time and save you the hassle of having to do all of the Google searches yourself. Whether this is your first trip, your twentieth, or you’re planning on moving here, let Santa Fe 101 be your guide.

Guide Categories

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First Things First

Your visit to Santa Fe – the high mountain desert city


Hundreds of diverse restaurants in Santa Fe and the surrounding area 


From craft cocktails to margaritas – endless possibilities 

And Be Merry

Paint the town red


Working out/getting worked on


From meditation to intellectual inspiration


Santa Fe’s mountain vortex – a beacon for many


“To Be or Not to Be” as long as it’s in Santa Fe


Indoor, Outdoor and In the Clouds


From the stands to the fields, mountains, rivers and slopes

Day Tripping

Santa Fe’s springboard to different cultures, eras and worlds 

NM Pueblos

The only state with 19 distinct Indigenous communities 

Where to Stay

Home away from home

Where to Live

Today’s visitor, tomorrow’s resident

On the Go

Getting around town

Just in Case

Be prepared for the unexpected

About Santa Fe 101

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Santa Fe 101 will enable you to navigate the numerous activities, restaurants and events that make Santa Fe the cultural capital of the Southwest. More than 900 internet links delivered in a nano second allows more time to enjoy Santa Fe rather than search for it.


Santa Fe 101 was developed with the user in mind, not business owners. This unique internet guide to Santa Fe is free from advertising. The ad free format allows the user to make intelligent decisions based on the information provided by the click of a link. Let the creative and talented people associated with each entity assist you on your quest for a memorable visit in Santa Fe.

History Videos of Santa Fe & New Mexico

As a member of Santa Fe 101, you will get the guide and will have access to historical videos similar to the ones on my YouTube channel. Below are a few examples: