In Guad We Trust

On Saturday, December 12th, millions of people around the world will pay homage to Our Lady of Guadalupe on her Catholic feast day. The legend of her appearance in Mexico City began with an Aztec man. The apparition of the Virgin Mary came to Juan Diego in 1531. Her image had been embedded in a cloak filled with roses. Diego delivered the roses to church officials who soon discovered her divine image. The Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe was built on Tepeyac Hill, the very location that the Virgin first appeared to Juan Diego.

Remnants of Faith

Since that time, images of Our Lady of Guadalupe have proliferated in every format imaginable. The Virgin’s likeness is featured on decals, t-shirts, stained glass windows, wall murals, tiles and auto gadgets. These outward, material objects remind owners of her invisible presence. She is a constant reminder for those that have a tattoo of her image. With the Covid-19 pandemic it’s not uncommon to see people bearing her image. Our Lady of Guadalupe is now featured on face masks. In good times and bad, the faithful always remember that in “Guad We Trust.”

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