Gov. Manuel Armijo to the Rescue

Gov. Manuel Armijo third from right.

Manuel Armijo, the former governor of New Mexico, came to the rescue in 1837. A tumultuous month filled with instability, intrigue, and violence left New Mexicans weary and frightened. It occurred from August 8th through September 8, 1837. Four different men were governor in that time period. The first was Albino Perez, a Mexican soldier elected in 1835. He wasn’t of Spanish descent, so that made him unpopular. He used his political platform to introduce new tax laws. Those actions led to an insurrection in Santa Fe on August 8, 1837. Fed up with that governor an angry mob beheaded Perez.

New Mexico’s Four Governors All in One Month

Three days later, a buffalo hunter by the name of Jose Gonzales became the new governor. Gonzales could not handle the task of dealing with the different political factions. Up north the threat of rebellion in Taos was in the making. So in early September, he took a trip up north to quell the situation. He named Francisco Ortiz y Delgado as interim governor. While he was away, a military junta staged a coup, forcing Ortiz y Delgado to cede his responsibilities. Then on September 6 Capt. Jose Caballero became yet another new governor for the state. Two days later, Manuel Armijo, the former governor and his supporters staged a counter revolt. When Jose Gonzales returned he had no idea of the turmoil that had arisen during his three-day absence. He willingly ceded his position as governor to Manuel Armijo. For the next nine years Gov. Manuel Armijo remained in charge of the state.

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