The Reign of Santa Fe

Members of Santa Fe’s Club Real in 1944.

The creation of the Club Real (Royal Court) in Santa Fe in 1944 helped keep the Fiesta queens and princesses involved for future celebrations. The women set rules and elected officers. Spanish became the official language spoken at their meetings. They acted as scouts for the council to recruit potential courts, and raised money to purchase a new crown and robe for the queen. They also had a float for the former courts in the Fiesta parade. After each Fiesta they sponsored a gala dinner and dance. The induction of the new court was introduced at the event. Due to the changing times and lack of interest the group disbanded in the 1960s.

A First for Santa Fe

Amalia Sena Sanchez Santa Fe’s first fiesta queen.

Amalia Sena Sanchez became Santa Fe’s first Fiesta queen in 1927. The Santa Fe Living Treasure died at the age of 109 having lived through three centuries. Throughout her life she was a volunteer with the New Mexico Museum, the Red Cross and other civic organizations. During that time she volunteered at St. Catherine’s Indian School. Sanchez befriended Sister Katherine Drexel at the school. The founder of the Order of the Blessed Sacrament, Drexel became a Roman Catholic saint in 2000.

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