Chabad Comes to Santa Fe

Members of Chabad in Santa Fe.

Chabad is the largest and fastest growing segment of Judaism. They came to Santa Fe in 1997 under the direction of Rabbi Berel Levertov. The rabbi came from Brooklyn, the headquarters for Chabad’s 4,000 worldwide centers. Santa Fe’s Chabad Center has more than 150 members. The group provides a school that teaches Hebrew. The Chabad Center in Santa Fe strives to help Jews live a more Jewish life. Their services provide members a more meaningful and purposeful life. Since their arrival the members of Chabad have felt welcome in the community. As Rabbi Levertov said, “Santa Fe is so accepting of all denominational beliefs. I love how a Chassidic rabbi from Brooklyn has been so welcome and embraced, to become part of the fiber of this wonderful place!”

Kol BeRamah Torah Learning Center

The Kol BeRamah Torah Learning Center began in 2007. In the Orthodox tradition, it is committed to fostering Jewish growth and learning throughout northern New Mexico. The center is led by Rabbi Avraham Kelman. He received his rabbinical ordination at Yeshiva University and was a student of Rabbi Y.D. Soloveitchik. Rabbi Kelman has served in diverse communities, including being the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish community of Trieste, Italy. While there, he was able to absorb the sublime melodies of the Torah reading and prayers of the ancient congregation.

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