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Remembering Rudy

Rudolfo Anaya, New Mexico’s premier author of Chicano literature, died on Sunday, June 28th. Anaya was best known for his epic coming-of-age novel, Bless Me,

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Santa Fe History

Santa Fe’s Angel of Death

Through the mid-20th century Hispanics in Santa Fe continued to practice the funeral traditions of medieval Spain, which included the superstitions associated with death. In

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Death in New Mexico

Vestige of Another Culture

In New Mexico the tápalo, (mourning shroud) was the requisite garment for women to wear for one full year after the passing of a loved one.

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New Mexico History

Chronicler of Pueblo Life

The late author and historian, Joe S. Sando, began to chronicle New Mexico Pueblo history in the 1970s. His six books on pueblo culture have

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