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New Mexico History

A Much Maligned Symbol

The symbol of the swastika is as old as its meaning. In the ancient language of Sanskrit the definition for swastika means well-being. It was

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UDV: Nature-Based Spirituality

New Age spirituality encompasses many different disciplines including Nature-based religions like UDV. Jose Gabriel da Costa founded União do Vegetal in Brazil.  Mestre Gabriel was

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Santa Fe History

No Fiesta for Santa Fe

The Santa Fe Fiesta Council just announced the cancellation of the Fiesta de Santa Fe. The news wasn’t a shock to the community. It was

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Death in New Mexico

Santa Fe’s Descansos

As I go about my day enjoying the beauty of Santa Fe I can’t help but notice the constant reminders of death. I see these

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Santa Fe History

Santa Fe & The Mother Road

Historic Route 66 once passed right through the heart of downtown Santa Fe. Often referred to as the “Mother Road,” Route 66 was established in

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Performing Arts

SFO Goes Dark in 2020

On May 11th Robert K. Meya, the General Director of the Santa Fe Opera, announced the cancellation of the 2020 summer season.  Although the news

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