• Pueblo of Pecos

    The pueblo of Pecos began in AD 1100 and was abandoned in the 19th century.Descendants of the last residents at Pecos are now a part of Jemez Pueblo.

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  • New Mexico Death Rituals

    Book launch and signing for “Death Rituals of New Mexico, A History,” by Ana Pacheco to be held on Sunday, December 8th at

    2:00 PM in the Santa Fe Room at La Fonda Hotel.  


    Spirituality, Last Ceremonies and the Afterlife


    New Mexico’s harsh terrain, countless wars and epidemics were a challenging and fascinating environment for the many cultures and people who settled there. When tragedy struck, their faith and religious rituals allowed them to mourn, celebrate and commemorate their dead. From Pueblo Indians and Spanish colonists to Jewish immigrants and American veterans, many old traditions have endured and blended into modern society. The area is also home to many unique death sites, including the graves of Smokey Bear and Billy the Kid, and the largest contemporary collection of human bones in the world. Author Ana Pacheco guides you through the history of Christmas death rituals, roadside descansos, communal smallpox graves, Civil War memorials and more. 

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  • Popovi Da

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